Tour The Reflecting Pool at The Lincoln Memorial at Night

The best place to view the sun set in Washington DC!

The Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial is located in front of the National Mall in Washington DC. It was constructed from 1936 to 1938.
The Reflecting Pool is a large rectangular basin, which serves as a water feature in the center of the mall. It covers approximately 1 acre (4,000 m2) and contains two rows of granite slabs, each row containing six columns of four blocks. The blocks are arranged so that they form three tiers; the upper tier consists of white marble, the middle tier of black marble, and the lower tier of gray granite. At its deepest point, the pool is 18 feet (5.5 m) deep.
The Reflecting Pond is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Washington D.C. and is normally used for recreation purposes. Visitors can take pictures of themselves here and use the Washington monument's reflection in the pool as a background, or, they can simply sit and relax at the stone benches around the pond, which are very popular among tourists day and night.
If you haven't seen the reflecting pool at sunset, then you really haven't experienced it in all its glory! The water reflects the lights from the Washington Monument, which are reflected off the pool. This creates a beautiful image of the monument lit by the moonlight.

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    To reach the reflection pool:
    1) Take the metro from Union Station (or any station near your hotel). Get off at the Smithsonian stop.
    2) Walk towards the Washington Monument. You'll see the entrance to the National Mall. Turn right and walk until you reach Constitution Avenue NW.
    3) Follow Constitution Avenue NW past the Capitol Building and turn left onto Independence Ave SW. Continue walking until you reach 7th Street SW.
    4) Cross 7th St SW and continue walking until you reach 15th Street SW.
    5) At 15th street SW, there's a small park called "The Ellipse." It's located next to the White House. Go straight through the park until you reach 17th Street SW.
    6) On 17th Street SW, you'll find the Reflecting Pool. There's a sign pointing out where you can go to reflect on the life of President Abraham Lincoln.
    7) After reflecting, head back to the Reflecting Pool. From there, follow the path around the Reflecting Pool until you come to the Lincoln Memorial.
    Or take the easy route and book one of our exciting night tours around the national mall with stops at the reflection pool for pictures!


This handy Google Map will show you where the Reflection Pool is located in relation to the rest of the city. Book a tour with us and see the reflection pool and much more!