Why would someone want to go to Washington D.C.?

Why would someone want to go to Washington D.C.?

Washington DC is located at the center of the country and is the capital city of the United States. It is the largest city in the United States, the third most populous city in the U.S., and the seat of the government of the District of Columbia. The city lies on the Potomac River along the border of Maryland and Virginia. The city's population was estimated at 681,826 people in 2017.

The US Capitol building is one of the best-known buildings in the world. It is a neoclassical architectural masterpiece designed by architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1764–1820) and completed in 1816. The Capitol building houses the legislative branch of the federal government. It is home to the House of Representatives and the Senate and their respective chambers, the House Chamber and the Senate Chamber. The building is situated on Capitol Hill, which is part of the National Mall.

The White House is the official residence of the president of the United States. Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Northwest Washington, D.C., it is the oldest executive mansion in continuous use by any nation in the world. The current occupant is Donald Trump.

The Lincoln Memorial is a memorial dedicated to President Abraham Lincoln. The memorial stands on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. It features a large statue of Lincoln by Daniel Chester French atop a marble base.

The Jefferson Memorial is a memorial dedicated in 1943 to Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and the first Secretary of State under three presidents. The memorial is located on the grounds of the University of Virginia, near Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is a wall inscribed with the names of those who died while serving in the armed forces of the United States during the Vietnam War. It is located on the National Mall in West Potomac Park in Washington, D. C.

The World War II Memorial commemorates American service members killed in action or missing in action from the Allied nations. It is located in the heart of the National Mall in Washington D.C.